Get ready to taste, do not add sugar and concentrated on the senses.


PELLINI TOP 100% Arabica includes all the experience behind Pellini. A blend designed for professional coffee bars and consumers looking for a superior espresso coffee with aroma and finesse.

PELLINI TOP 100% Arabica is an exclusive recipe: a blend of high-quality Arabica beans directly selected from the source. A slow roasting process and a controlled ripening system enhances the taste and aroma of PELLINI TOP. Awarded the Gold Medal for its elegance and distinctiveness at the International Coffee Tasting, it has become an icon and a point of reference for the best coffee experts over the years.


It only takes a glance to understand an espresso coffee. The colour, consistency and persistence of the cream reveal more than you might imagine. A hazel-coloured coffee with light reddish streaks is indicative of the 100% Arabica superior quality blend. The blend uses a careful and precise rotating technique, a process that respects the extraction time and the use of the perfect amount of ground coffee.

PELLINI TOP 100% Arabica is an espresso coffee with a light hazel-coloured cream with light reddish streaks. The texture of the cream is compact, velvety and persistent.


Its smell is complex and delicate: we can recognise what surrounds us through smells and scents. The olfactory analysis also refers to the process of evaluating the various nuances of espresso aromas.

PELLINI TOP 100% Arabica stands out for its richness and intensity of aroma. The classical aroma of roasting is enriched with notes of honey, flowers, licorice and cocoa.


The palate is the witness and judge of the best espresso coffee. During a tasting session, what is commonly known as “taste” is measured by evaluating a number of technical factors such as the body, acidity and bitterness.

PELLINI TOP 100% Arabica is an espresso coffee with a pleasant texture enveloping the palate with its sweet but strong taste. This is a specific characteristic of the finest coffee which enriches its softness and body. The low caffeine content makes it naturally less bitter. It gives a slight sensation of freshness and a perfectly-balanced and soft taste.

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